Thesis Abstract

This thesis is focused on the design and implementation of an open-source two-level thread package called MLTP for the Linux operating system running on Intel PC SMPs. Kernel threads directly scheduled by multiprocessor OS normally have high context switch cost compared to user-level threads. User-level threads scheduled within a single kernel process are not capable of utilizing multiple processors. Many parallel applications running on SMPs require support for flexible control of kernel and user-level threads and such a package is not available on the Linux operating system. In the thesis talk, I will discuss an M-to-N architecture for MLTP and a design for efficient synchronization and switch among threads. Such a design allows a multi-thread application to achieve scalability and efficiency in multi-processor environments at a low cost. I will also present performance of MLTP for several micro-benchmarks and applications on Intel Xeon dual and quad-processor SMPs.

Thesis Documents and Source

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Last updated on November 24, 2014